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Shandong Jimeile Wooden Group has been established from 1956, which is a multiple furniture producing factory. Our company reformed system on 3rd-August-1998 and then we strengthen quality, setting up image of company and amplifying rules and regulations. And the fixed assets is from RMB 2,190,000 to RMB 1.2 hundred million, the annual gross sales reach 1.5 hundred million. The innovative concept has added vigor in Jimeile and establised new orientation in developing! The companies which are attached with the group include Shandong Jimeile Furniture Co., Ltd, Shandong Jimeile Wooden Co., Ltd, Shandong Yufeng Wooden Co., Ltd, Qingdao Bangmu Trade Co., Ltd, Jimeile Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd, and Jimeile Furniture City. The business scope includes furniture manufacture, the interior and outside decorate projects, decoration material selling and so on. Our leading products exported are solid wood furniture, furniture for offices and hotels as well as various wooden products, wood and wicker furniture. Ash, oak, birch and pine are our main materials. There are more than 80 patterns for choosing. Articles for sale exports is North America, Europe, Japan and other contries and districts.
Jimeile Furniture City owns more than 10,000 square metres furniture market, and becomes maximal furniture market and furniture distributing centre in the southen east of Shandong area. Jimeile has cooperated with Guangdong, Fujian, Yan Tai City, Wei Fang City, and other 13 brands and made alliance with Jimeile Furniture City to open up marketplaces in easten of China.
Shandong Jimeile Furniture Co., Ltd. fields cover the area of one hundred thousand square metres, has registed capital RMB 10 million and invested more than RMB 38 million, and has 800 employees. It is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the southen east of Shandong area. Our company owns the team with superb technique who are able to design the modern fashion furniture for all kinds of products on one's own. It provides technology which is driving force to promote the new product adapted to the demand in market.
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